Shaved Zucchini and Proscuitto Kebabs

Personal Chef Services Include:

  • A complete assessment of food preferences, flavor profiles and dietary needs
  • Menu and Personal meal planning
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Travel and parking
  • Preparation of meals in a certified commercial kitchen
  • Meal packaging, labeling and storage
  • Complete heating and serving instructions
  • Safe delivery of the foods to your home or other location
  • Kitchen clean-up (applies to catering)

Personal Chef Pricing: 

All packages include initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, pantry items such as dried herbs and oils and vinegars, in-home meal preparation, food packaging complete with labeling and reheating instructions, and kitchen clean up.

Prices stated are the personal chef fee; groceries are additional.

The cost of food varies based on your food preferences, but typically can vary between $75-200/week depending on family size and food choices. Your actual costs may be lower or higher depending on your food preferences and dietary requirements.

Meals consist of an entrée, vegetable and side dish.

Standard Personal Chef Service
This service provides entrées that will be stored in the refrigerator and freezer.

Service For One or Two  
Weekly • Five Entrees and One Side Dish Each, (one or two servings) $275 + Cost of Groceries
Service For Three  
Weekly • Five Entrees and One Side Dish Each (three servings) $325 + Cost of Groceries
Service For Four
Weekly • Five Entrees and One Side Dish Each, (four servings) $375 + Cost of Groceries

Service For Five
Weekly • Five Entrees and One Side Dish Each, (Five servings) $425 + Cost of Groceries

I will always do my best to work within your budget and am  willing to discuss your pricing needs as well.

All food is prepared fresh each week and the entrees are changed weekly according to your preferences.

Pricing is subject to change based on how we design your plan. For example, some clients need more servings per entree for larger families.  Grass Fed meats will be more costly than USDA Choice or Prime meats. 

Special events and catering are based on a fixed rate and will include the cost of labor, groceries, taxes and service fees.  Additional staff , if needed, are extra. Please call for pricing. 

  • Intimate Dinner Parties (up to 20 guests), romantic dinners for two or any small event that you may want a personal chef to work closely with you to develop the perfect menu, shop, cook, plate, tablescape, serve and cleanup for the perfect evening. 
  • Private Cooking Classes Available Upon Request

Gyro and Cucumber Bites with Basil Oil

Israeli Couscous and Veggie Salad